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Kate_Lied :: crowmag User crowmag
This is my entry for the Rev's impromptu style contest link

Normally I don't use walls with girls young enough to be my daughter in provocative pose on my desktop, but the color scheme of the wall was a nice challenge.

3DC file and alternate bsetroot bg included.

Note: toolbar is shown only for demonstation purposes (for those who use it). slit (w/bbInerface) is on autohide as per usual.

Wallpaper: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Kate_Lied by crowmag :
Wallpaper kate_beckinsale01.jpg 

sMs for me.... it s very difficult to make a style based on that kind of wallpaper...(picture
s)... i think u did a very well...
thewayofzen this one is my favorite
elektr1k yeah this one's probably the best (of the three) i've seen for this wall.
Rev "Normally I don't use walls with girls young enough to be my daughter in provocative pose on my desktop." ---- Really? Hmm. I probably still will. ~snicker~ But then, y'know.. I'm an ammoral bastard. hehe. ---- Anyway. Great work, Crowmag.
crowmag Thanks for the comments guys. Rev, it's like this: Dad use to tell me "son, don't think with your *ick". After getting to this point and looking back, I realize that every damned major blunder I've made was tied to doing just that... I now realize that he wasn't trying to impress morality upon me so much as he was trying to teach me how ~not~ to bump my head.
clovemagic I
clovemagic What I meant to say so cleverly: I "
clovemagic Ok, I guess I'm just speechless. Rock on, crowmag. ;)
Rev ~lol~ You make a fine point, Crow.
juztin great work rev, definately my fav so far
Theo the one.... i vote for you :-)

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