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dear kate :: juztin User juztin
here's my style for the's not as good as i want it to be, i wanted to do a lot more with it, but i ran out of time (the voting was to be done on monday, it's sunday night!)

i based it also around a song by dynamite hack called "dear kate"...also, the font in the style shown in the screenshot is NOT the actual font used in the style, but for some reason the font wouldn't work for me (but it worked for SNK)....

anyway, this is my third style...the download actually includes all three styles i've done, just so i didn't have to move files all over the place to keep the rar pretty :)

hope you enjoy it! 
Shell blackbox
Wallpaper kate beckinsale 

v1v1s3ct gots a question- i'm trying to completly drown out explorer- and I'm assuming that this was done usisng bb4win- how do you get your notepad and all that good stuff to utilize the blackbox theme/style- mine looks like its still stuck in explorer- i would really appreciate any answer!!
Rev Juztin: doesn't support compressed files for upload, only the style file themselves.
Rev v1v1s3ct: BBWinSkin and/or BBLeanSkin, as well as utilizing 3D Color Changer.
crowmag v1v1s3ct to get bbLeanSkin you have to D/L bbLean from linkand yank it out of the plugins directory. 3D Color Changer works in conjunction with the BBColorEx or bbColor3DC plugins .
crowmag juztin: funny, I first started out with diagonal grades and swithched to vertical. I kinda prefered the diagonal but was to lazy to go back and redo it -heh.
juztin rev - aw man....i'll link it here in the comments tonight when i get home. crow - i didn't use diagonal, i used all horizontal and rectangle :P
snkmchnb juztin: that winamp controller is multiamp, available at link
val_parthen I don't use BB yet, but I'm interested to know if that calendar thing you have is/was hard to get. Is it just an option or a plugin or wha? Thanks.
juztin it's the plugin bbcalendar, not hard to get at all.....go to, and click plugins at the top :)
val_parthen haha, fair enough. I guess the better question is, how did you make it unwrap like that?
juztin you have to edit the rc file...i didn't figure it out though, i got someone to send me a copy of their bbcalender.rc file...if you want a copy, email me and i'll send it....//// btw, download this style at this link : link

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