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Co-Lab :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
A style challange style 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Co-Lab by Gary Jones
Wallpaper idesignsbyiondarie1en 

Pitkon It's hard to choose between this one and snk's... I like the use of new style syntax effects... :) And don't forget, guys, serVI did it first - and HIS style is great, too :)
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon.. I'm just trying to be a forum participant.. lmao... where's yours :P
purple im really glad to see that this wall i posted on forum did the job we wanted..though much more after i suggest it.. Keep up the good work guys.. we should do thismore ofte,dont you think so?? ;)
purple one more thing Nightbreed.. i want your Vista one style.. the one where we first time saw the coolest fonts u bake fo us;) can we get a link if its ok with you;)?
Pitkon Hmmm... Methinks purple comes close to asking for permission here... Perhaps he plans to upload ur styles or something... Nice change... :D
purple Pete man.. there is really no need for such words.. i made a change from reason i dont want to have whole community behind my neck.. either way,i regret for tough words i say and that doesnt mean that some of you still must be a jerks.. im cool now;)
purple and one more thing this way is really better,sorry bcz i was bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiind..hehe(like in the movie,right);P but that still doesntmean that im going to beg for permission.. i'll just put the links
Pitkon That's good to know, Goran. We all made mistakes in the past. Feels good to have u on board :)

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