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OK, after snk's, purple's, and NightBreed's challenge styles on iDesigns, I heeded Breed's call and Purple's welcome change of policy and authored a style for iondarie's wall. You guys (and serVI who did the first style for this wall many months ago) have already picked the best possible combos and I tried to do some justice using the leftovers... :D So, here is my humble effort, using just about everything from horizontal to eclipse to vertical to diagonal textures... 3DCC config included :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style iDesigns by pitkon (,,
Wallpaper iDesignsby iondarie http:\\ 

Nightbreed Ah! and you heeded the call well Pete.. I knew the metal look was going to be your style... nice one
Pitkon Thanx, Gary, I appreciate it. :D
Pitkon And I'm smiling thinking iondarie doesn't even know he's been honored (well, sort of) here... Hmmm.... Maybe I should let him know, after all...
Nightbreed Not a bad idea.... maybe he can comment on the styles huh?
clovemagic Lookin' good, Pete. Btw, those icons look awesome on your wharf. Mind if I ask where you found them?
clovemagic Oops. I meant the icons in your second version. I think. The ones with the paper clips. I'm so confused. :P
Pitkon Lol, clove. Thanx for the comment. The icons are part of an old Litestep theme called Notes. I played with them a bit, adding my own overlays. I can e-mail u the whole theme if u want me to, I doubt if u can find this theme on the web anymore. I am trying to reach the original themer for permission to port the whole thing to Blackbox... :)
Nightbreed paper clips? I don't see any paper clips. Is this like the find Waldo thing?
Pitkon Lmao, Gary, u need glasses... See full view, pls :D
Pitkon Oh, now I see... Not on THIS screenie, Gary, the other one I submitted based on iDesigns...
Nightbreed ah ok... For the most part, I'm not doing another style challange... lmao... I actually hate this wallpaper now... hahaha
Pitkon That makes two of us... :rofl:
Exstasy WoW pete what got into you guys and this wall rofl , its plastered well on the page tho , course i do love yours as i am bias /giggle.
Pitkon Lol, exstasy, so glad to see u here... :D This is a challenge style - some of us boxshots heeded the call and did a style for this wall :) Will e-mail u :hug:

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