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Reality :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Here's my contribution to the wall circa1974
linked. Also a tcl-bbi script I'm currently working on for iTunes located in the left top corner :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Reality by Gary Jones

circa1974 interesting take on the wall i suggested. ballsy as well. i might not have had the nerve to use the neon gradient that you so masterfully pulled outta those goggles. Nice job.
Nightbreed Thanks much circa1974
Nightbreed Thanks much circa1974
clovemagic This doesn't look to me like the easiest wall to style. You did a great job, Gary.
Nightbreed Thanks Clove :-) ..
Pitkon I agree with circa, very interesting take. Me too wouldn't have the nerve to use that shade, but looks... well, different. Good work, Gary...
crowmag heh, when circa posted the link I thought to me self "erhm.. that's a tough pic to style". Next thought was "well the goggles are the focal point of the triangle, but you can't do anything with that...". Way to go having the courage to be bold NB! Great job working off a difficult wall.
Nightbreed Thanks Pete, thanks Crowmag
Lord Erector Whoa, this is some nice work. As mentioned in previous comments, the wall seems pretty hard to make a style for. And, well.. I honestly don't think I would've come up with something like this. Great stuff.
Nightbreed Thanks Lord Erector

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