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reality :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style reality by cthu1hu
Wallpaper reality 

frantic Love it, although the font is a tad too small for my eyesight.
Pitkon Another good color shade, tho the menu is too small for my taste. By the time I get permission by pixelated there will be no more color options for me... :D
clovemagic Another creative style for this wall. All of these have been innovative, and this one is no exception.
Nightbreed lol Pete... you can always use the wall plug... Nice style Cthu1hu!
crowmag Good lookin style cthu1hu, almost went with the drk brown my self. BTW, I like the small text in the menus - I have to wear glazzies at my age anyway. In fact that's one thing about the new syntax that I have to figure out as it blew my menus up vertically with marginWidth 1 ?
crowmag GAH! Did'nt even occur to me until now - menu.frame.marginWid
th: 0 ~slaps palm to forhead real hard~
cthu1hu I refuse to learn the new syntax lol.
Lord Erector Nice. I like the menu a lot, and the only thing I'm kinda "eh" about is the focused/unfocused colours. Overall pretty damn good though.
crowmag cthu1hu, the template I came up with and used in this latest style is not pure 0.7.0 snytax. Basically all of the original syntax is there - I just added the syntax for declarations that are in addition to the old syntax . So It's a mixture. You can just add a piece or two here and there to tweak your style out if you like, you don't have to use the whole 9 yards. At least that is what is working for me so far
cthu1hu That sounds cool crowmag.

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