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Negative :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style negative by pitkon

dubox very nice wall this time, pitkon ;)
Pitkon Thanx, dubox... Was left without a phone service for 5 days (a cable was severed) and I had a taste of how Jesterace must feel... It's awful...
necroboi nice work... luv the colors :)... perhaps toning down the white for the unfocused caption and toolbar would better emphasis just what is focused in the style...
dubox i saw it in the news the winter break-in in greece. it is not much better here....
Pitkon necroboi: u r probably right, but that's what I felt like at the moment... :) dubox: this is the first time we have such a bad weather. Yeah, the climate is changing radically - and dangerously. But I don't think anyone cares - anyone capable of changing the situation, I mean... :(
cthu1hu Great colors. It's hot where I'm at and never snows..
Inauro This is really nice, Pitkon. Great work.
Pitkon cthu1hu: thanx! Where r u? In Hawaii or the Keys? :) Inauro: Thanx! :)
cthu1hu Good guess. Used to live in Key Largo. Now I'm south of New Orleans.
b0m wow... i've been using this wall for months now. nice to see you made a great style to go with it, Pitkon!
Pitkon cthu1hu: lucky you! lol. b0m: Thanx! :)
blacksugar this style's great! where'd u get the wallpaper? =p

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