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Shell blackbox
Style AlmostX modded 2 by me 

Mortar Go Patriots... I am curious about the command shell displayed, labelled "term". Is this dTerm or some other win32 console replacement?
ArthurDent Love the wallpaper.. can we get a link?
StealthMonkey is that a wide screen monitor or somthing?
Tres`ni It appears to be widescreen.. We get some of them every now and agian :P
Trust Mortar: is another console ArthurDent: sure link StealthMonkey and Tres`ni: its a 14inch mon overclocked (originaly max resolution is 1024x768 but I can (as you see) much more)
oldskull Trust: How about u share with us the link to that console software?
sirius_black yes can you share the link please ? i'm looking for this console for days...

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