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Panacea :: Inauro User Inauro
I'm not sure...i might be kididng with this one. Found the image online (and have subsequently forgotten where) and thought i would try for a different feel. Makes me smile when i look at it, but i'm not sure i'd use it on a daily basis.

For what it's worth though, here it is. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Panacea by Inauro
Wallpaper Pang 

sMs i like this one =) too bad u dont know where we can find the wallpaper =( too bad
Inauro Yah, i will keep looking through my bookmarks for the site. If i find it, i will post it.
poundsmack i want that wallpaper too it looks soo cool please emial it to me if you ever find it or post it on the site
poundsmack i want that wallpaper too it looks soo cool please emial it to me if you ever find it or post it on the site
qwilk Hey Inauro, I am starting to wonder if that "font setting with tabs/spaces after it" is intentional just to confuse xoblite and/or me... After all, all your styles seem to have this "feature" for toolbar.font... :P Really nice style though! ...and yes, I want that wallpaper too... =]
Inauro qwilk: ok, i'm confused now. I thought you said that the problem was the spaces between the toolbar.font argument and the font name, i.e. toolbar.font: Nu. I've taken the tabs out from between the argument and the font in all my styles of late, so i am not sure what the problem is. If i jam the font name right up against the argument it screws everything up. Still trying to locate the wallpaper....
qwilk Oh, sorry, I was referring to rogue tabs/spaces *after* the font name (Nu in this case) for toolbar.font, which screws up font name extraction for (at least) xoblite bb1. Thanks :)
Inauro Hmm, that's really odd then because there are no tabs inserted after the font name, never have been.
Inauro Qwilk, i take it back. There are some tabs in there. Must be left over from when i edited to bring the font name in closer. Now that i know where they are i will adjust the template at home. Sorry for being so dense.
Pitkon Nice style, Inauro, and nice wallpaper as usual. And, if u r using bbstylemaker, tabs are a common phenomenon...
Inauro Nope, not using bbstylemaker, just Metapad as always ^_~ Left over tabs from sloppy editing.
Pitkon I would really like to know why u r not using bbstylemaker... U can e-mail me the answer, if u wish...
Inauro Hmm, i just don't. No big secret really. I use a utility called Exact Mouse for colour picking if i am working with an image, and just prefer to work with the text file.
nick Any luck with finding that wallpaper? I like this screen, its kinda different from some of the other stuff from you that I've seen.
Inauro Wallpaper can be found here link.

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