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Acceptance :: Pitkon User Pitkon
After being busy authoring styles for 15 days (some submitted elsewhere, some part of other projects), I post again at box.crackmonkey.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style acceptance by pitkon

necroboi nice to see you posting again :) .. good work on this one, but like most of your styles of late, i find it hard to distinguish between which is the active and inactive window (i initially thought the top shaded window was the inactive one until i actually loaded the style), and that makes an otherwise good style not practical to use.
Pitkon Thanx! Usually, my inactive window is the darker one. This time I switched. Maybe it was the wrong idea, but that;s how it worked for me at the time. :)
lucaramel Could you please tell me where you found this wallpaper ?
Pitkon At deviantart, lucaramel, permission pending
lucaramel OK, great, but I'm not subscribed so I can't search the site for it, could you give me a URL, please ? Thanks a lot.
lucaramel Nevermind, found it. Thanks anyway.
Kid Vicious Could I ask; where did you get your cursor? I've been looking for some like that.

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