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sunbox-reborn :: oldskull User oldskull
The remake of my sunbox style. This style will be on my site link soon, and also this style will come with wallpaper as shown. Enjoy! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style sunbox-reborn 
Wallpaper sunbox-reborn.jpg 

xo0m what player is that in the lower left corner of the screen?
Pitkon I always loved yellow and dark colors combinations... I think I got the habbit since Litestep's Chao Trance, back in... 1999, I think. I like this, oldskull :)
necroboi nice redux ;)
oldskull xo0m: the mp3 tag display was samurize, i just put multiamp under it. Pitkon: good u like it, I will upload it soon on my website. Necroboi: thanks :)
sms how ca n i get the samurize script? and what plguin do i need ? or no plugin need it?
oldskull sms: You can get samurize here linkand about the plugin I used, that was my own. If u like I can upload it to my website.
sMs i know whats samuriZe =) it wll be nice if u upload it to ur sever =)
Pitkon Oldskull, u haven't uploaded ur samurize script yet... I checked... :(
oldskull Pitkon: yes I dont, sorry about that. I just realize the script work fully only with foobar2000, with Winamp5 the visualize doesnt display. Anyway I will upload now!
sMs i use fooabr,,, thats great,, upload the script pliz
ddub another nice style. whats the console all about?
Dragon12 Nutz, I was working on a style like this one. Bound to happen. Like the wall.
Sam I like it very much, thanks for posting it. Keep up the great work.

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