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The Finger :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
A nice dark theme based on Simplicityaight's wallpaper. Great for us nocturnal users trying to avoid eye strain ;) A 3DCC colour scheme has been included to dampen down the usual bright windows settings. Wallpaper is available at link I included the 3DCC file at the end of the style file, just copy and paste! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style The Finger by Arc Angel
Wallpaper TheFinger.png 

snkmchnb nice work of colors and gradients..
sMs nice wallpaper =)
cthu1hu cool
Tres`ni I've seen a lot of attempts to discuss that gesture, but that one seems to be the best, at first I thought it was an equalizer or somethin
Arc Angel Thanx guys, ya Tres, I didn't 'see' it first time either... ;)
necroboi nice and moody :) BTW: did you really want blue for your toolbar background text, or is this something you missed? that's the only thing i found odd in the style when loading it up for the first time...
Arc Angel Doh!

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