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1 Invicta Series - Default :: Pitkon User Pitkon
One of my fav Winamp 3 skins, Invicta by razmansix, was the creed of about 110 styles, based on each of Invicta's different color shades. The idea was, since I was using Invicta on an almost daily basis, listening to music, to change shades according to my mood and/or my work of the moment along with the hues and textures of various Blackbox elements. Thus, the Invicta Series, from 1 to 111, which I am sharing with u. Even if u don't have or don't like Invicta, u can use these styles as u would any other BB style. I'm using bsetroot gradients as a background throughout the series, which can be replaced by ur wallpapers of choice. The styles were authored by me, with the permission of razmansix himself, whom I wish to thank. You can get the Invicta Winamp 3 skin from -among other places - link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style 1 invicta series by pitkon

Nuri Where did you get the bbwharf?
Pitkon Look front page (index.php), various news, wharf script by slade taylor... :)
qwilk Hmm, the style seems b0rked; toolbar 000400/fefe15 is a pretty nasty yellow gradient! :) ...are you sure you uploaded the correct file?
qwilk (the other style - "nightflyer" - was ok btw)
Pitkon Uh oh... Did I upload the wrong file? Damn, this is what happens when u have about 110 styles with the same name around... lol. Thanx for telling me, qwilk, I will see to it... :)
Pitkon Tres'ni fixed the problem. Now it's the right file. Thanx, Tres'ni, thanx, qwilk, sorry, folks...

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