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BBLean Longhorn Theme :: MrRadicalEd User MrRadicalEd
My second theme. I love the Longhorn theme and wanted to try and add it to BBLean. So for, BBInterface is still lacking a lot of features in order to have a real funtional content bar, but it works. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style BBLean Longhorn by MrRadicalEd
Wallpaper BBLeanLonghorn 

Inauro So this would be BBLeanhorn then?
Lain11 Thats like pretty neat and im gonna try that out when i gets the chance
psyci I like what you've done with BBI. :) Wish I had time to add more stuff to it. Out of curiosity, what kind of things you looking for?
Gethsejeveon My screen is so clean and blue. . .
Gethsejeveon Btw, ARGH! Where do I get that pretty paper on the back, , ,
MrRadicalEd I can email it to you, but thats not your email addy now is it? heh
Gethsejeveon I found a wallpaper that I like. I will post it in a sec, with credit to you. As for my email address, you will have to type out the entire constitution of the Libian government if you ever want to see it. . .its like 5 words I think ;-)

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