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Modified Blux :: Tres`ni User Tres`ni
This is bluebox running a modified blueboxhk.dll by me to allow for the menus and stuff over explorer :P I got bored alright? MWHAHAHA 
Shell bluebox

cthu1hu Woah. Haven't seen Windows' desktop in a while. Sure don't miss it :P
Tres`ni It's actually kinda nice having both Explorer and Bluebox. Makes things interesting without adding the problems that sometimes arise with just an alternative shell. That and I just installed XP for the second time in 2 months...
flux702 how did you do that?
Tres`ni It's a personally modified version of the Bluebox Desktop/Mouse hook code that would pop up the Bluebox menu when I held a CTRL (IIRC) and used the right mouse button. The binding to a key actualyl took some trial and error, things like the Windows Key, Shift, and Alt tended to interfere with to many other uses.. CTRL worked well for me. I wouldn't see it as impossible to bind to other keys if you wanted it to.
Jesterace what's the date on this shot?
Fatman lol.... nice work dude. :D

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