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les larmes de therese :: fu User fu
got that beige thing going... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style xorbcap 

zerosleep can i have that wallpaper!? its awesome, thanks.
ServiceGamer damn that is a wicked desktop setup! what have you got running? I'm thinking Samurize for that CD-image and your player is foobar.. but which plugins?
dubox nice wallpaper, wicked setup, fine music ;)
fu wp: link yup, samurize for albuminfo+coverart+w
eatherinfo foobars runnin with the typical plugin like id3v2, foo_syfm etc, the playlist is a rework by myself.
ServiceGamer uhh.. I don't suppose you could go a little more into detail about how you got it looking the way you did - I can't find a Samurize config to work with foobar..
fu well i build it myself, using images from link, just use the advancedmedia plugins function "getalbumcover". also take a look at the AdvancedMediaPlayerI
nfo.opt for info on where to store images etc..

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