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SatCom :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
The second in a minimal series, I have to credit crypton, The Wizard_69, and cthu1hu for showing me how sexy the Hooge font could be. Cthu1hu has also provided a place to download the font from for his own styles that utilize the font at link I hope he doesn't mind my pointing people in the same direction. Wallpaper by Christian Danley available at link  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SatCom by Arc Angel
Wallpaper satcom_1024.jpg 

cthu1hu Don't mind at all. Nice style. See you're using some of my styles. W00t!
Arc Angel Actually I use alot of your styles... Minix, Ptolemy and Satellite have dominated my desktop for a month now...
qwilk ...just FYI, I've fixed that font size issue in the upcoming xoblite bb2 (I know you're using BBLean, just thought I'd let people know )...
jegHegy i like this one the most. keep it up!
Arc Angel Cool Qwilk, can't wait to see the XOB Goodness(TM) you have waiting...
cthu1hu Thanks Arc Angel. Very cool.

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