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after 5 days :: I.R.Keeler User I.R.Keeler
I decided what better way to learn the system than to create my own skin which emulates my favorite explorer colorscheme. Email for the style(still not perfect). Plugins used are multiamp, bbtray, bbBin, and BBSlider, bbLeanSkin, systemBar Ex. The buttons on the bottom are from LaunchTab, which I skinned to maintain the look.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style irk_lunaolive 
Wallpaper wheels(made it for my website) 

Pitkon Nice first effort, Ian. Hope my instructions helped. It's a style, not a skin - and, btw, u haven't uploaded it :)
freeb0rn nice to see youa gain pete :)
I.R.Keeler thanks pete, your instructions were wonderful! I haven't uploaded it as I haven't tested it with the standard toolbars yet and I'm not entirely sure how it would play out yet, soon soon. btw, I forwarded your instructions to three other new users who I got interested. They love them too!
Pitkon Glad to hear it, Ian! Freeb0rn: I was here all the time... lol. I will email u soon :)

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