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nexus :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
Yet another style using hooge fonts.. Doesn't look so great if you have bbLean's "full elliptic gradient" enabled. Why does that exist?

Here's an alternate (plus the tile). Couldn't decide which one was better.

hooge fonts  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style nexus by cthu1hu

ZenLC Great set of walls! 2 questions: 1. where can I get the wallpaper for nexus? 2. Are you aware that on some of your styles (minix series, satellite series) the edge is too small and bbpager won't come out of autohide?
NC-17 I suppose there should be a check in bbpager .... just set bevelWidth to 1 instead of 0. The space bbpager leaves is equal to bevel+borderWidth, so if both are 0 I guess you have problems. Or just stick it in the slit with that on autohide, or turn off autohide altogether :) Personally I can't stand bevelWidth 0 anyway, makes things too small for me. But I love the style!
ZenLC Oooops - I meant, "Great set of styles!" NC-17: I would agree that this is a corner case that bbpager needs to check for and handle.
cthu1hu BBSlit has that problem, but only if both the bevel and border are 0. Both styles, plus the wallpaper are in the zip file above.
bladestaylor "Full elliptic gradient" fixes an error in the original grad code. Gradients from the original code don't really start at *.color and end at *.colorTo. Btw, this style's really nice--using it right now..
qwilk cthu1hu: ...the problem is the link above points to the wrong file! :P The correct URL should be link ...really nice styles though; I like nexus best btw... :D
qwilk I'm with cthu1hu on this one. It doesn't really matter if the original elliptic gradient is b0rked or not - it's the undisputed standard elliptic gradient since way back, both in *nix and Windows, and it is what styles should be designed for IMHO. No disrespect to grischka or anything :)
bladestaylor gradient: Right, that's why it was left in as an option. It has an interesting effect on some styles, e.g. "ember."
cthu1hu Ah. Thanks qwilk. I'd ask Tres`ni to adjust the link, but it's probably a mysql thing, and not worth the trouble. So, just to emphasize, Here's the correct nexus link for both styles plus the wallpaper. Thanks blade. I can't use full elliptic at all, or the gradient will usually look terrible on every other box shell. And when I don't use it, the gradient looks terrible if "full" is enabled. It's a lose lose, IMO. The gradients do look a lot better though.
cthu1hu That last line sounds like sarcasm, but it wasn't meant to be.
qwilk Exactly. The full elliptic gradient probably looks better, it's just that we have a b0rked version that has become the standard, so we'll have to live with it I am afraid...

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