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xoblite bb2 preview :: qwilk User qwilk

thought I'd show off some of the new features in the upcoming xoblite bb2 - text shadows, updated systembar, the "Check for updates..." item in the menu, etc... :D ...and I like my puzzle positioning slit layout too! :)

Btw, for those of you wondering what multiamp bb5 will look like, it's docked to the slit, using the 10x1 button layout (you can also choose 1x10, 5x2 and 2x5 button layout).

Style -> link
Wallpaper -> link

Stay tuned... =]

BR//Karl -> qwilk 
Shell xoblite
Style Asian Evening by Pitkon 
Wallpaper Hot Sun by Artenman 

sMs looking nice... it will be possible to load bbinterface in this new xoblite bb2? and how many slit can we use? only one?
freeb0rn excuse me while i cream my pants.
Inauro Style looks great, qwilk. Looking forward to seeing the new releases too.
cthu1hu Nice touch with the drop shadows. That look awesome.
Mystoz lol @ freeb0rn i agree..
Pitkon WOW. I mean WOW. Thanx for using a style of mine for this, qwilk. But, most of all thanx for all ur time and effort in xob2. Seems it was more than worth the wait. WOW. Did I say WOW?
Vivi Wow, that puzzle slit looks great! Can't wait. Please hold while I jitter.
bladestaylor Wow, that looks really good! The drop-shadow makes it look like sunlight's hitting the text.
burstnibbler I'll add a WOW to that as well as woot on xoblite2 and multiamp. I will saty tuned
qwilk Thank you all for the great feedback, I really appreciate it! :D

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