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BBLonghorn :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style BBLonghorn 
Wallpaper Longhorn 

cthu1hu Great style. Should have released it. I'm jealous of all these good looking anti-aliased fonts I can't get with my crappy monitor..
Nightbreed It's just a normal style. I just used bbinterface's frame object underneath systembarEX and set a chromatic texture to it. Then Set both sysbarEX and bbinterface to transparent.. and there ya have it :)
Nightbreed As far as the font, it's just Microsofts Sans Serif.. however you spell it .. :S
Nightbreed And I had to re-edit bbanalog so I can get normal numbers instead of Roman.. heck, Im not roman.. j/k
Pitkon Great color combination and, of course, a great bar... again :)
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon. I'm looking into writing the sidebar as a plugin, maybe. Hopefully all the reading of the sdk's will produce something :)
Pitkon That would really be great, Nightbreed... :)
Nightbreed Here's something to try if you are using bblean and want a recycle bin on the desktop ;) Create a bbicon and put bbcontroller as the app then for the arguments type this: bro@m(@BBCfg.plugin.
load BBbin)bro@m(@BBbin EmptyRecycleBin)bro@
m(@BBCfg.plugin.load BBbin) make sure to turn unload BBbin in the menu first
Pitkon An excellent tip - tho I'm happy with my bbbin in the slit... :)

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