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Half-Life :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
Well everyone else is doing a half-life theme, so here's my take on the subject. Actually, I was looking for the wallpaper to another theme based on HL2, and I came across this, so I made my own instead... Sorry about PNG file format for the screenshot, JPG just took the life right out of it. Wallpaper available at link  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Half-Life by Arc Angel
Wallpaper hl2_wallpapers_9_1024.jpg 

Nightbreed Very kick @ss Arc Angel. Great color scheme going on
Arc Angel sorry guys, the correct link for the wall is link
Arc Angel Thanx nightbreed, I like how it turned out too...
cthu1hu Great style. Which reminds me, I've gotta get a new video card =/
Arc Angel Ya, you and me both Cthu1hu, that Ruby test brought my 9800 pro to it's knees at 640x480 using the new v2 wrapper... :(

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