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DarkAngel :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Im posting this screenshot to show how I used "Bro@m Timer" to create a slideshow using a bbinterface label. The image on the lower right corner of my sidebar shows one image being displayed. Of course there alot more :) .. The small icons ontop of the larger bbicons are more bbicons that controls the Bro@m Timer 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style DarkAngel 
Wallpaper Dark Angel 

c_bass Yikes! How much memory is your shell taking up? I am seriously curious. Do you actually use all of that stuff? I would be intimidated. Does a manual come with that config? :D Props for all the time and dedication put into that though!
Nightbreed It takes up normal blackbox core memory because no plugin is loaded until I press a button to load it. ie, bbicon's doesnt load until I press the button next to the systembarEX.. only things that initially runs is the bbinterface and systembar EX. The slideshower only runs when I press the play on the bbicon that loads and runs bro@m timer..
Nightbreed And the slide show images are pre generated and altready listed in an rc file. Meaning, the slideshower doesnt have to generate the thumbnail before showing it.. Compare that to the speed and memory usage of other sidebars that has their's do the complete opposite
Nightbreed Im posting a screenshot of what things look like before I turn them on.
quella please tell me where i can get that side bar that you have in the rigth side of the picture
Nightbreed The side bar is just created with bbinterface and alot of bbcontroller scripts
c_bass I might be wrong here, but when you are talking about closing the sidebar you are actually just hiding it right? That means it is still loaded into memory, but it is just made invisible right? Therefore it is still taking up memory in your shell? Or are you saying you actually unload them from the shell? Are there bro@ms to do that?
Nightbreed The sidebar is only running 4 dir ect plug-ins. (1 BBanalog (2 bbsysmon (3 BBpager and (4 BBinterface . Right out of the box bblean runs at about 2,000k on my machine.. and even with these plugins it still does so. The graphics on the sidebar arent that big.. Also keep in mind that the machine I'm using has a half a gig's worth of ram in it. CP usage stays at a steady %02 and timed intervals of bbmemShrink keeps the memery usage low.
Nightbreed bbinterface isn't really doing anything that's memory intensive.. It's just holding small graphic files.. Which are only 16bit bmps. So that's not taking alot of memory.
Nightbreed The bbinterface mixer actually loads, it doesnt use the visible/not visible thing.. then when it closes it's sent a @BBInerface Control Delete to the main Frame.. totaly getting rid of it then does a save to bbinterface's main .rc file.. so the mixer isnt running until it's loaded...

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