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Tokyo_redux :: Inauro User Inauro
Background artwork "Naze niwatori wa michi wo yokogittanoka?" and "Tokyo Otaku Hyper Remix" by Kozyndan .  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Tokyo_redux by Inauro
Wallpaper Untitled 

looper I saw an article about Kozyndan in a magazine (forget which) about a year was quite interesting, & good art. They're a partnership (husband/wife if they're married)...pretty cool.
Inauro From their bio: "kozyndan are Los Angeles based mad scientists. they are working on a secret formula for controlled nuclear fusion, and are creating a line of edible chickens. For fun they like to take long deep breaths and dip their heads into bowls of rasberry jelly and lemon curd. They live indoors and don't paint on walls. the couple also moonlights as freelance illustrators." Great site, great art.
Pitkon Again, great colors, Inauro. What can I say? :)

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