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Homecoming :: roninblade65 User roninblade65
This I based off the WP i got off of DeviantArt. Kinda made me think of a girl waiting at the docks/airport for her lover to come back from a war. Maybe its the green, kinda reminds me of military colors back when i was in boot camp. Anyway, my biggest question mark is the highlites - I used the colors from her shirt and shorts for contrast but i cna't make up my mind if I like them or not. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Homecoming 
Wallpaper Hotpants 

Inauro Actually, i think you've picked a good colour range for the highlights. Perhaps trying a different gradient might make them appear a little less muddled though. You look to be using a horizontal gradient, why not try a flat vertical or something? Other than that, style looks great.
cthu1hu IMO, to make the style look cohesive, you should only use a small number of colors, gradients and bevel types among all the elements. Maybe bout 3 types total. Like using the window title for the titlebar, the focused window label for the menu title, etc.. But that's just me, and I'm no expert.
Nightbreed I see what he went for here, the color styles he used matches the color elements in the picture. Including the highlight in the menu, that to match the color of the shirt and shorts. All in all the colors in my opinion works with the desktop.

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