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Scattered :: Inauro User Inauro
Wallpaper Plaid Fields Forever by Smashmethod available from deviantART .
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Scattered by Inauro
Wallpaper Plaid Fields Forever 

pforg That kicks butt Inauro, I really like the clean simplicity of your layouts. Smashmethod is a favorite of mine... I am trying to work a style around her pengiun wallpaper.
Inauro Thanks, pforg. I'm not a huge user of deviantART but this wall grabbed my attention enough that i'll be heading back for more by the same author.
KKing how can i change the titlebar like your titlebar? ;) greetz
AJ Actually kking ,since Inauro was gracious enough to give us a link to his style, all the info you need is in that file. just open it up to edit it and look for the menu.title listings and it will give ya the exact way to make the title look like that. Great style Inauro very clean and *nixy :)
Inauro Unless of course KKing means the toolbar. In which case you might be after BBLean instead of BB4Win. The toolbar arrangements do differ slightly between the Blackbox for Windows branches, and i'm using BBLean.
xMonKeyx I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it, great stuff.
KKing heyho, BIG THX :P
iTiVO One of the very few styles i dl'ed from here. Good job!

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