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WitchBlade :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
Third in a series based on animated or comic book characters. Having been slagged a few times for an absence of the female image in my theme ideas, I created the NING or No, I'm Not Gay series. Their absence in my previous work is due to my despise of the cheap and shameless nature of flesh hawking in order to gain popularity and attention - no offense intended. Wallpaper available at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style WitchBlade by Arc Angel
Wallpaper Witchblade.jpg 

Nightbreed Another of my fav characters.. Time to hit the book store :S I'll be broke by this time tomorrow.. Another nice one Arc.
Arc Angel Thanx night, so when are you going to get into building BB plugins? ;)
Nightbreed Already getting tutorials from bladestaylor and grischka and going through the Blackbox SDKs.. so it shouldn't be too long, hopefully

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