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FinalFantasy :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style FinalFantasy 
Wallpaper FinalFantasy 

looper Very nice, Nightbreed. The sidebar is calmer than it has been in your previous recent shots. Better, I think. And goes well with the wallpaper, also calm. Nice. :)
multifate nightbreed: i just want to know how do i get bbinterface to load a random image from a list? kinda like theo's SS where he has an image i suppose but is there a way to randomize them?
Nightbreed Thanks Looper. It is toned town quiet abit. No more bitmap textures, just bb styles now. At the moment Multifate the image gallery is set with a Bro@mTimer. I use a thumbnail generator to create the images for it then a Directory lister to create the image location info. I load the list into Em-Editor and use a script to set up the bbi and broamEdit stuff.. Now if only I could script all that...lmao. You know though... Im sure there is a way to randomize it though.. just not sure how to do it at the moment.
Nightbreed One thing I forgot to mention is that the bottom bar was in autohide mode. The whole setup has four modes. 1 with both sidebar and taskbar. 2 just the taskbar and the sidebar in autohide 3. just the sidebar and taskbar hidden and 4. full screen with all hidden. everything else like the application drawers and media player, theme selector and control panel was unloaded during this screenshot
Theo hmmm i have to find a way of making the clock and the callendar fully transparent when they are slitted....
Nightbreed You could just give it an imaged background option
Theo yuo mean like a bmp image background?
Nightbreed Yeap, I've tried to do the transparent background thing awhile ago with BBAnalog and the slit and it became transparent but so did everything else under it
Theo ok, nice tip for the next version....
Nightbreed if you do make a bitmaped background option, could you also have an option to get rid of not only the numbers but the outter dots as well. For those who may create a custom clock face ;)

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