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Abyssos :: Pitkon User Pitkon
It's been a long time since I submitted something (been too busy submitting styles with walls elsewhere) so I felt guilty! Lol. This is a style based on a wallpaper of mine - actually, Apophysis (a fractal app) wallpaper. Hope u like it... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style abyssos by pitkon
Wallpaper Abyssos 

sMs good to see u again pal... i thought u left us
Pitkon Good to see u too, sMs... No, I was always here; have some moderating duties, too, so I was happy just approving screenies and commenting from time to time... Thanx for the welcome :)
cthu1hu Glad to see the nicest guy in the world posting again, myself. The colors and the wallpaper rock. I've been looking for a good fractal program forever. Never heard of this one..
Pitkon U r making me blush, cthu1hu! Thanx :) Apophysis is the best free fractal program there is: Try also http:\\apophysis.d
cthu1hu I'm using it now, thanks alot. There goes the rest of the day :)
Inauro Nice work, Pitkon. I've been following your styles *cough* elsewhere *cough*, and they're looking really good. Nice to see a post here again though.
Pitkon Lol... Thanx a lot, Inauro. U know u r one of my (few) favorite authors. I have this policy of not submitting the same style to different sites, so what I submit here can't be found anywhere else... And that goes for 450 different styles so far...
xssk Man how you get this kinds of themes ?? is so cool ... Teach me how to do it !!!
Pitkon Thanx, xssk, u honor me. E-mail me and I will gladly help u :)

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