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HighWater :: Jesterace User Jesterace
I like these colors so I made a style :p 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style HighWater by Jesterace
Wallpaper BlueCurve 

pHarciDe O_o looks a little fruity too me you FRUITSICLE!
anvil Unless this is an inside joke. Grow up you child, there is no need for this type of foolishness.
pharcide yes it is... maybe if you would hangout in the chat you would know... and loosen up you stuckup child
AJ anvil: Unless you know the relationships/intera
ctions of people on this forum, there is no need to automatically make such brash statements. That judgement would fall on Jesterace or an administrator. Coincidently, Jesterace is an admin. Did you have anything to say about the style itself? Personally I like the wide borders and the use of color in this one.
anvil,, been so long....i wish.... I like bb4win....but hang out on computer forums...uh no
AJ Then save your personal commentary is my point. Absolutley no need to come of as arrogant on a forum such as this, especially if you feel that "hanging out" in forums/chatrooms is beneath you. There is a community here. Are you actually trying to give an air of being "above" everyone here? There's no place for it here and it serves no purpose. Comment on the styles, which you still haven't done in this case.
anvil If you were thinking sarcasm then no, the only way i'd be above anyone here is if they are shorter than 6 foot 4, other than that whatever man. I just figured someone was getting at jester like someone was doing at arc angel. My mistake, no harm no foul. So the fact that it was an "inside" joke, should have meant a yes it is an inside joke don't worry about it...but kept goin :)
anvil On the style side...:) i like it simple and blue....i like blue...then again my monitor seems to make darker blues look either or tis nice...
Jesterace Well thanks for the kind comments about "my style". Yes I am an admin, and it was taken as joke. Anvil with regards to forums we're mentioning #bb4win @ where the developers and users of this great shell hang.
anvil Ok, guess i did the same thing here that my kids complain about....:) yes i have kids 2 of them. Sorry to all....when i'm rich i'll buy AJ a 6 pack of Pilsner.. heh...
cthu1hu Nice, clean style. I do my part by staying out of the chat, lest I bore everyone to death with my lameness.
pHarciDe aww crap, look what i started :( i
anvil heh...i said i'd get him some pilsner :)
AJ At the end of it all, no real harm done. Unfortunately Pilsner fixes nothing. All I ask is for you to honor my request I made at the other post. Leave your comments about my styles about the style itself, if you can't do it without being clear about your meaning, simply don't post. Other styles I'll leave to the style author, other posters and moderators to take what you say however they wish. Lol, I think I'M too old for the sarcasm, I got 5 kids and 12 grandkids and I'm spent on sarcasm. Besides, I only drink scotch :)
anvil heh, grandkids....ya old fart...

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