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BB4Kidz :: looper User looper
Reverted to an earlier setup; easier to use. ;)

I've been sitting on this style for a long time, not really using it because its so garish. But I finally found a wallpaper that calms the style down a bit. I know, it's cutesy, that's why I called the shot BB4Kidz. What can I say...cute things are cool too. :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style shades by looper
Wallpaper movie: My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki 

Nightbreed I like this style. Adds a happy mood. Good job at matching the picture
doctorfrog huck and tom meet the giant wide-eyed expressionless hamster-rabbits from japan... with sexy results
Inauro Heh, My Neighbour Totoro rules. Niuce style, looper.
looper thanks, guys. :)
anvil 8 tittied cat...i think its a cat.... nice looking desktop.
anvil er make that 7 even
looper i guess if it *is* a cat, that would be about right. except they'd be vertical...okay, enough of this! :P
Nightbreed if that's a cat, I'd hate to see the litter box :S
Pulsar Totoro rules!!! Go Looper!!!!!

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