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Coffee :: Inauro User Inauro
Wallpaper from Anime Wallpapers . Niea_7 original design by Yoshitoshi ABe.

Even though i prefer my coffee black, i still like the colours in this one. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Coffee by Inauro
Wallpaper Untitled 

grrr I think I've been collecting your styles for forever, and awhile back I started saying, "Don't need anymore brown more brown themes, okay...No more brown!". Actually I mumbled it alot in public, but I managed to escape from that hospital and here you've got...another brown theme. And darn if I don't have a Winamp skin somewhere that matches this. So I have to download it now and love it like the others. T'anks fer nothin! ;)
Inauro Heh, i know exactly what you mean. Every time i think about doing another ABe based theme i find the colours in his artwork are always...brown. Still, i'm glad to hear you like it ^_^

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