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Rumours :: Inauro User Inauro
I don't use Winamp (i prefer Foobar2000 ), but when i saw the Leviathan skin by kgraphik i had to make a matching style.

The wallpaper by Cirocco (which is also great) is available from deviantART and was the best fit i had on hand. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Rumours by Inauro
Wallpaper by Cirocco 

pHarciDe nice colors, winamp is teh evil
w-yosh-c As a winamp user: great job ^_^
NC-17 As a fellow foobar2000 using brother, I shall ignore the WinAMP skin and assume the style was purely based on the wallpaper, lol :D
cthu1hu Like this gothic color theme. I just downloaded foobar to try one of those fancy playlist layouts/schemes and yet again, failed. I tried this one, but the bg color stayed white, so I hit reset and now the playlist is hosed. wtf? And how do you get the left-side column with the playlist sets? And how do you load .fcs files? Ahhh! I customize stuff in linux like mutt, which have to be more complex, yet this thing defeats me every time.
pHarciDe hmm i figured out how to do it, i'll send a link when i get home and if you pop on irc #bb4win @ freenode i can walk you through it
cthu1hu Thanks. Think I found the right forum with the info I need, though.
kgraphik Always nice to see one of my skins being used. :D

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