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SilverBack :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SilverBack 
Wallpaper Unknown 

clovemagic Now that's clean! I can't help but wonder what secrets are hidden away. ;) ;)
Nightbreed Lions and tigers and bbi, oh Thanks clove
AJ the WP reminds me of glass blowing, where'd ya get it? you should post the style on this one
Inauro Nice one, Nightbreed.
Nightbreed Thanks Inauro, Aj. I'll just have to email the wallpaper, I got it awhile ago and can't remember where from. I want to say wincustomize but I maybe wrong.
Theo I sometimes think that you are using my harddrive as your wallpaper source.... just about a week ago i was looking at this wallpaper.... but i had no idea how to make a good looking style from this.... Great work :-)
Nightbreed lol, thanks Theo.
TarZaN Hi, this is the best looking theme i've seen in a while and i was wondering if you could either send it to me wall and all or post a link soeveryone could download it.
TarZaN wusp pplz heres the wallz to this peice aite and since i aint got help from the author i i dunnoe where to get the skin 4rm~> link

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