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Carbon :: Piero Desopo User Piero Desopo
Just wanted to match the Carbon Style colors.
Btw, my first attempt about BBI 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Carbon by Piero Desopo

cthu1hu Nice job. I like everything except the window titles and the toolbar button pic color. They don't seem to fit with the other elements.. But everything else is great!
looper Yeah, looks nice. I only wish your Control Center thingey (big black box) didn't have that chunk out of its bottom-right corner. Also, for some reason, I really like the media player buttons in bottom right. Maybe they are just default multiamp buttons, I don't know. :P
Inauro I like it. But i also agree with cthu1hu, the window titles seem a little off compared to the rest of the style.
clovemagic Agreed . The colors and layout are great. The flat title bars seem incongruant rather than contrasting with the other "raised" elements. I don't know how you feel about an "analog" clock, but it would sure provide more coherence to your fine interface.
Piero Thanks for your comments guys. Yes, maybe I should try other colors and style for title bars. About the clock I've used analog for a long time ... just thought that's time to change :)
Piero Style updated + wallpaper added (even if don't like use walls ...): link

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