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Cyrus_4daboxes :: crowmag User crowmag
Again, this is taken from the Cyrus theme for Enlightenment. I tried to make it as much like the E theme as possible in Blackbox. The BG and font are in the tarball here: link and a 3cd file is now appended to my 3dc pak which you can get here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Cyrus_4daboxes by crowmag
Wallpaper black_bg.png 

necroboi nice work ;)
joey how did you get the icons in the sidebar ?
crowmag The icon panel is mearly a bbInterface "frame". The frame has an image for a background that is 4 pixels smaller in dimension (x & y) than the frame it's self. The "icons" are actually 24x24 px .BMP's that have the same bg color as the frame bg. Drop shadow effects were used on the "icons" to make them appear like 32 bit icons on my Win98 system. 2k-XP users could use true 32 bit transparency images (.tga).
crowmag Oh. I guess I should explain that the "icons are buttons created on the frame and have the bitmaps assigned to them. Since the buttons dimensions are also 24x24 px the bitmaps cover the button entirely.

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