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Innermaze :: clovemagic User clovemagic
This is a fun wallpaper, and it was a fun style to make. :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Innermaze by clovemagic
Wallpaper Innermaze by Apocalypse67 

inf3rnal this sidebar is fantastic (the best ive ever seen) you want to share your bbint script? :) style is great too nice colormatching
Arc Angel Hmm, according to a search this wall is credited to Chappel Fisher... Just a heads up...
lyrae That's a very nice sidebar. Well done. clovemagic
clovemagic Thank you, inf3rnal and lyrae. Arc Angel: I got the wall, credited to Apocalypse_67, at Wincustomize. Sorry if there's any confusion.
boens where do i get that sidebar
Raimis clovemagic: please share your sidebar. many people want to have it
Nightbreed Great work Clove all around.
cthu1hu wow, that's sweet.
clovemagic Thanks, everyone. I'm delighted that you like it. I hope to make the script available in the future. Right now, it's a mess and I would have to clean it up before I would be comfortable releasing it. Unfortunately, my time and internet access is very limited at the moment because I'm recovering from a house fire and living in temporary housing. I hope I will be able to share more after things get back to reasonably normal.
Abraxas I love the style you made. Just a question though. I would like to make it grayer, but I love everything else about it. How would I make it a tad bit grayer?

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