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Sophie :: Reverend User Reverend
Wallpaper lifted from DeviantArt, and can also be found here: [url]link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Sophie by Rev. Lucifer (
Wallpaper Sophie 

looper she has giant nostrils on her chest! heh. nice wall, disturbing chest-nostrils. :P
Rev ~snicker~ Yeah. I could live without those, myself. Ah well. Heh.
sadistsaint Lacuna Coil!!!!!!!!!! Nice theme as well
Rev Yes, yes. Lacunal Coil rocks muchly. Heh. I'll have (another) style featuring Cristina coming out soon.
crowmag I like it, but Uncle John sez no to giant chest nostrils 8O
Rev ~lmao~ Well, I just spent the better part of an hour scouring the Sophie Ellis-Bextor fansites for the two pics in the wall.. and finally found them (in high res/quality).. so, soon, there shall be no more chest-nostrils. ~l~
Rev Okay, I whipped up my own version of the wall depicted within the screenshot.. and rather than just resubmit, I've just zipped everything up for you all to nab at your leisure. A 3dc file has been included as well. I hope you enjoy the lack of chest-nostrils. ~l~ link
Miroku lol, she looks like Alex Rowe from Last Exile.
Rev I've no idea who that is .. or what Last Exile is. Heh. A music group?
Inauro Not exactly. Last Exile is an above average anime series.
Rev Ohhh.. that'd explain why I have no idea what/who it is then... I hate anime. ~l~

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