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Blackbox 0.70 cvs (linux) :: allucid User allucid
Recently I've been using Xfce4 (in linux) and on a whim I decided to build blackbox from the latest CVS to see how it was coming along. I was plesantly surprised. :)

Many of the styles are nice here but a lot of them don't completely work on *nix blackbox, even after running through dos2unix. :( I wonder if the styles are handled differently in bb4win.

The wall is from deviant art, I wasn't able to find the link. 
Shell Nix Box
Style Graveyard by NC17 
Wallpaper Beautiful 

winder Sweet. NC-17's Graveyard is an excellent style, and the look in *nix blackbox looks amazing. Love the buttons ;)
NC-17 all my styles have worked perfectly on the last release of blackbox, 0.65. The CVS version does have some new way of doing things, but I haven't really checked it out much. Perhaps you can post an article on what's new and how to 'fix' older styles :) 0.70 bbnix brings new changes to the style definitions, i know...
allucid NC-17, your styles work fine, on 0.65 and 0.70 has a bstyleconvert utility to convert older styles. it's others' styles I have had problems with. I'll look at it more cloesly next time I have a problem.

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