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Smooth :: Reverend User Reverend
Okay, let's try this again. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style * by Rev. Lucifer (

Jesterace beautiful gradients I'm really digging your latest styles :)
NC-17 reverend, u did it again. u cant use styles names (ie: "*") that cant be a valid filename - the server cant save a file with that name and hence it doesnt work. just paste it into a comment or something.
Rev Strange. 'Smooth' is the name of the style, not the asterix. ~shakes head~ I don't get it.
cthu1hu Maybe you don't have the file name listed in the style file itself?
Rev Gah. Sorry for all the crap. I think I figured out the problem: link... There's already a style/screen called 'Smooth' ... At any rate, you can grab the style and accompanying 3dc file here: link
NC-17 sounds like something for tres`ni to account for and fix.
clovemagic Wow. Another nice one, Rev. Right on.
clovemagic No wonder I liked as much as your last style. ;) :P
Rev ~chuckles at Clove~ Yeah.. thanks. heh.
Rev And, also ... sorry for all the fuss, double style posting and confusion, gang. heh.

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