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Goodbye Windows :: darkmatter User darkmatter
Ok, it's not a box...yet, but I had to mark it as such to upload my good news. I am bidding farewell to Windows today with a fresh install of SuSE 9.1 Pro. Next step...Fluxbox. ;) 
Shell Nix Box

snkmchnb congrats darkmatter.. suse 9.1 is nice
darkmatter thanks, snkmchnb. I was starting to get tired of always having to hack Windows, so I decided it was time for an OS that hacks itself. ;)
ZenLC Fluxbox is very, very cool. Have fun with it!
ravendark i prefer fedora myself but a friend runs suse and she seems quite happy with it
jeff ncie
darkmatter ZenLC: I most definitely will have fun with Fluxbox once I have the time to get it installed. ravendark: fedora is cool. I just went for suse as it has the least problems with my hardware.;) jeff: thanks.
Rev Looks like Knoppix.. The only version of Linux I'm even remotely familiar with.. I'm lost without my Windows, what can I say? ~l~
darkmatter Rev, linux is easy to learn. Just RTFM. :P
darkmatter BTW, linux has windows to. lol
Rev ~snicker~ Come now, DM.. you know as well as I that that is a last resort! When all else fails... and all that. ~chuckle~ But yeah, I know Linux has it's windows too. I've tooled around on a friend's machine that ran Knoppix (hence my recognition of it in the screen, or what resembles it at any rate) ... but I dunno. Bill's got me by the balls, what can I say? ~lol~
darkmatter Bill, let go of Revs balls! The reason it resembles Knoppix is that I'm running KDE for a desktop at the moment. All in all, most linux distributions are the same, with a few minor differences. If your somewhat familiar with Knoppix, it should be easy enough to learn any other distro. You don't even have to dump Windows...If you have enough drive space, just install lilo(boot manager) and dual boot. I still have a minimal WinXP setup until I get Wine configured.(I just don't use it unless I need to run a program that I can't access in linux yet...once Wine's configured, Bill can kiss my but.;))

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