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Its nice to be back making styles, my oldschool 1700+ @ 2ghz finally died. Now im running a mobile barton 2200+(1.667ghz) @ 2.3ghz. 
Shell xoblite
Style unit3 

Inauro Nice to have you back, auto ^_^ Looking forward to more styles in the future.
NC-17 what sort of cooling are you using?
snkmchnb agreed, you were missed, auto
auto Thanks guys. NC-17: I'm using the Vantec Aeroflow on the cpu and i have 3 120mm 115v mains fans in my case(2 intake/1 exhaust) that i got off a cubix network rack i had laying around. They are pretty loud as you might imagine but i hooked them up to a rheostat so i can control the speed.
multifate auto owns!

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