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Digital BB v0.1 :: RedEliTe User RedEliTe
Welcome to Digital BB!

This is my seconds style submitted. I decided that the style wasn't enough so I made a background to go with it. The style is based on my first one I submitted. I just swapped some colors around to match the background. The style and the background are included in the zip file. Hope you guys like this one. Let me know what you all think!

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Digital BB by RedEliTe 

Mystoz that style look great!!where can get see no zip file iam blind:)?
freeb0rn Hahaha! VERY COOL! Much BB Geek ownage going on. (talkin about the bg)
inf3rnal whai kind of login is this?
RedEliTE hmm guess they didnt like my zip file... u can download it here...
RedEliTE hmm guess they didnt like my zip file... u can download it here...
NC-17 it only accepts plain text files.
RedEliTe the login thing is just something i made up
seeingred i especially like the little toolbar next to the vwm, what is it? and what is the media player control you're using? is it bbinterface
RedEliTe ok... i got the basic toolbar up top... directly below that (the long lighter blue bar) is BBZCmdEx... its a plugin that allows u to bind just about anything... say u want to open photoshop... well u can edit the config file to say ps c:/programs/photosho
p/ps.exe... and when u type ps and press enter it opens photoshop... its also a calculator and a web search tool... just type ?blah blah and you'll search for blah blah in google... next to that (the name of song) is bbamptitle which displays the name of current song playing in winamp... and right below that is multiamp... which allows me to control winamp from the desktop... i just open it and minimize it into systray then use the controls to play stuff... right below that is the sysmon plugin... which tells my system usage... to the right of that is bbpager... which i can use to control workspaces... and next to that is something new called todolist... other then that theres just a IE icon...
purple hey,how can i set the "windowshade" button as u did on left side of window label?? i tried to edit bbleanskin.rc but no that button there.. thnxx..
EngineCamel Could you repost the wall?

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