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Half Moon Bay :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
I'm working on this style based on a pic I took of my gf on a recent visit to Half Moon Bay. I'm trying to figure out what is causing the black to appear in my BBInterface sliders there at the bottom left; can anyone help me with that one? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style fortressofsolitude by doctorfrog (
Wallpaper Linda_Repose 

Inauro Can't help you with the BBInterface issue, but i can say that the style looks great. Nice colour choices. Btw, play Doom 3, it's the closest thing to System Shock 2 i've seen to date.
doctorfrog Thanks! Don't know about the Doom3 tho, as my system runs 100mhz below the min spec. However, Shock2 has had some fan-attention of late and there are some pretty darn spectacular visual upgrades for it.
Inauro Yep, i've downloaded the visual upgrade mods and replayed SS2 several times. Sadly, something to do with my latest system build (drivers, directX 9.0c, something...) is causing me grief with the game. Then again, it was always a hack to get it running on Win2K.
auto Ive heard talk of system shock 3 based on the doom3 engine.

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