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phiber :: seeingred User seeingred
this wallpaper is awesome but i've never tried to work around its color scheme and thus never used it. I know its old but im something of a wallpaper archeologist.

bblean : Rush by Pulsarstargrave (recolored and re-fonted by me)
wall : phiberglass from 2advanced
icons : simple_things by whistl3r (recolored by me)
3dcc : by me
y'z : simple_things by Agent Orange (recolored by me)
winamp : 4impressions DarkBlack (recolored by me)

font is snap_ttf everywhere except mirc coz its doesnt like it for soem reason.

running - miranda with ere.mite's SRMM mod, mirc, y'z toolbar, 3dcc, bbanalog, bbcalendar, bbpager, bbtray, bbleanskin 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style RushG by PulsarStargrave (recolored by me) 
Wallpaper phiberglass by 2advanced 

freeb0rn VERY cool. I love how you extended customization to lots of aspects of the OS
elektr1k Weird.
Tech D I love it! Very bad ass!!!

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