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Sidebar 1 :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This style was basically created to compliment my Sidebar's preview - the first sidebar, as far as I know, that is comprised of individual elements which can be moved, shown, or hidden at will. The basic parts are the top half, the wharf, and the bottom part, the configuration panel, which includes a wallpaper previewer, some utility buttons, the
clock (bbanalog) and the desktop manager (bbpager). There is a sidebar's sidebar, the audio player controller (BlackAmp), which slides out of the main bar and, of course, can be also moved around and hidden and includes an audio mixer and a recording mixer for audio and video sources. There are also some floating elements, like the
drives' wharf. I don't think I'm gonna add anything more to the sidebar, so after clearing up some things I guess I will be ready to release the script... Of course, I gotta thank lotsa people who helped me along, whether they know it or not - from Nightbreed who some months ago sent me the script for his original sidebar to Theo, whose tutorial for a picture viewer was very instructive. But, above all, I wish to thank Slade Taylor who some months ago created the first bbwharf for me based on bbinterface. His script was the basis and the inspiration I needed. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style sidebar by pitkon

Inauro I'm no sidebar fan, but even i can see that this is impressive. The style's classic Pitkon stuff otherwords, great. Nice to see a post from you again, Pitkon.
Pitkon Thanx for ur kind words, Inauro. I was no sidebar fan either, but I switched... temporarily. Lol.
thewayofzen thats pretty intense. nice job on the style. wicked tech on the sidebar even if its really not my thing.. no denying u killed it. one question though .. i wanted to check out Theo's tutorial on picture viewers and the link in bbinterface plugins forum times out.. if u happen to have it might u be able to email it to me? thanks ! and keep up good work!!
freeb0rn god thats enormous
NC-17 reminds of insin's gc style. tis nice mostly, dis.
Pitkon thewayofzen: willdo - and thanx! freeb0rn: yes, it is, but u can choose which elements to show - and it's rather small if u have a 1600 plus rez... lol. NC-17: Thanx!
xo0m jesus christ holy god thats a lot of shtuff
Pitkon Lol... yeah, xo0m, guess it is...
clovemagic Nice innovations, Pitkon. I don't think I would use everything, but I'm glad you did it. I can't wait to peek inside to see how you put it all together. ;))
Pitkon Thanx, clovemagic, Will upload soon - just some minor details left...

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