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X :: dubox User dubox
i love this comb...charcoal style by qwilk...rainmeter skin cept by moshi...winamp skin iplay by playboy...wallpaper by nexx 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style charcoal 

Inauro Ah, so many classics. Charcoal by qwilk, rainmeter skin by moshi. Nice setup, dubox.
inf3rnal nice i like it! can you post alink to the wall plz tryed google but found nothing
dubox thanx guys, wallpaper link linkfor rainmeter + winamp skin search link
winder Are you also using stylexp or something to skin the rest of windows dubox? if so, what theme are you using? (charcoal rules, btw.. I have a slightly modified version I used a lot)
dubox oh i forgot it to name the great opera MeGuiDdo skin by kazu-spara linkthats all, winder
damian3003 Next step in keyboard funcionality.... Really nice..

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