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kill the buddha :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Some have said that in order to know the buddha u must kill the buddha. I guess its a suitable name for a style thats blood red. I hope someone finds this useful.. i really like it although im not sure how often i would actually want to look at colors this bright. More then anything it was an exercise in using a color other then blue or grey..
Shell xoblite
Style kill the buddha by thewayofzen
Wallpaper bsetroot 

thewayofzen wow this looks like crap in this jpg.
Rev Yeah. Red just doesn't compress well at all. Why? I couldn't really tell you. ~l~ This style reminds me, vaguely, of my Gottin Himmel style.. it, too, is very red. Not one I use very often, to be sure. ~l~
sysboo I like the color choices and gradient work though. The font seems kinda hard to read with the black on red, but i still find this interesting. I don't think this one would help my inner harmony though :)
thewayofzen this really isnt so bad when u actually use it. if u go purely by the screenie the font is fuzzier then it would be otherwise.
winder The gradients and all look cool. I'm thinking that loosing the bsetroot wall and getting a clearer one (say, something whiteish with traces of red) would make it easier on the eyes ...
jegHegy red is compressed more by default in jpegs because red is perceived at a lower detail in the human eye as well. not by this much though ;] Paint Shop Pro's JPEG exporter for example lets you set the ratio in which red, green, and blue is compressed.

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