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second noble truth :: COLLABORATION User COLLABORATION
This is my favorite style to date of any i have done. It is still a bit of a departure from my usual style and it is the result of alot of discussions between myself and blockhead in bb4win. Yesterday he showed me a style of his that had amazing colors. The blue and the greyish color are tweaks of his colors from that style. The bsetroot was a result of his help weeks ago which i built on. So i give him as much credit for this work as i take myself. Enjoy another zen style featuring blockhead colors!! 
Shell xoblite
Style second noble truth by thewayofzen with blockhead colors
Wallpaper tiled jpg and bsetroot 

thewayofzen oh yeah.. 3dcc file included with style. Enjoy! -Zen
ZenLC Ooooh, I like it, I like it!
doctorfrog Great style! You're going to have to let us in on the content of this conversation between you and blockhead, zen. I've been waiting for someone to verbalize the Dao of Blackbox Styles. Perhaps as an article in Shell-Shocked?
Inauro I like this a lot. Especially the sunken menu.title. I've been playing with that setup lately myself, but haven't been really happy with anything i've come up with. This, on the other hand, is really nice.
Arc Angel Theme and 3DCC is great Stuff! Wallpaper is link
multifate hot, very hot
ArthurDent Love the style, but I had to tone down the brightness on the 3dcc.. It almost blinded me :)
Rev Yeah. Wow. I'm with Arthur. 3dc is a bit blinding, but other than.. Again, Wow. heh. This is very slick.
thewayofzen im not sure what is meant by blinding. on my screen it looks perfectly fine.. the colors match the window title closely.. although i usually like lighter styles rather then dark so many im just used to them. Glad everyone likes the style though. 3dcc will improve as i get used to using it. Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

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