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Jolie 01 :: Reverend User Reverend
An 'unreleased' style for you to enjoy... from my "Jolie Series." ~chuckle~ There are about 10 more I've yet to share with anyone... as I was planning/meaning to make them, how shall we say.. exclusive? to my webpage, but alas ... I still haven't gotten around to working on it. ~chuckle~ Ah well.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Jolie 01 by Rev. Lucifer (
Wallpaper Jolie 01 

thewayofzen damn.. crazy or not.. shes the hottest thing alive... i figure the 01 means we can expect more.. *fingers crossed*.
laba what's the plugin on the lower left corner? the one with the meters...
thewayofzen thats theos new bbsysmeter its in beta.. link should be in the cahtbox though.
Inauro Nice work, Rev.
winder Really nice style, Rev!
Rev Okay, okay, okay. I'll get off my lazy ass and start putting some effort into my page so that I can 'showcase' all my Jolie styles as I intended. ~chuckle~ Let's just hope my webpage editing skills are up to par for what I want hte page to look like in the end. ~lol~

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